LABEL EVERYTHING- ballet shoes, water bottles, sweatshirts, brush, etc..  That way if anything gets lost, we can return it to it’s owner.

UNDERGARMENTS-Dancers DO NOT wear underwear under their tights.  It will hang out from under their ballet costumes and be distracting.
All female dancers with costume changes need a flesh colored leotard to wear under their costumes.

HAIRSPRAY, HAIRSPRAY, HAIRSPRAY!!!  Dancers’ hair needs to be secured back in a smooth bun.  NO WISPYS!  FYI-It’s easiest to pull hair back when it is damp.  USE A HAIR NET AROUND THE BUN!  Bring extra bobby pins and hair spray to the stage.  All dancers need their own brush!
Pajama Kids and Party Girls-Wear hair down in spiral curls.  Do not wait until the Dress Rehearsal to try this.  Once the hair is curled, pull a small amount of hair back with a ponytail holder at the top of the head.  This is wear a bow will be secured.
Gingersnaps-Wear hair in 2 braids, with a middle part

WEAR A ZIP UP SWEATSHIRT-Dancers should wear a sweatshirt that zips to the stage, so nothing has to go over the head.  (I still have a couple of BtB zip up sweatshirts available that are perfect for the Dress Rehearsal and Performances.  If you would like to purchase one, please let me know.)

TIGHTS-Ballet 5, 6, 7 girls need to wear Body Wrappers mesh seam tights A45 in Ballet Pink.  If you did not order through me, you are expected to purchase these EXTRA TIGHTS=GOOD IDEA (in case of runs)
All other female dancers should wear PALE PINK ballet tights (NO BRIGHT COTTON CANDY COLORED TIGHTS)

SHOES-Dancers are expected to have CLEAN ballet shoes to perform in.  All female dancers will wear pale pink ballet shoes, unless listed below. Ms. Dena will let the Ballet 7 dancers know who is performing on pointe.

BLACK BALLET/JAZZ SHOES NEEDED FOR:  Chinese Tea, Party Boys, Party Dads, Nutcracker Prince, Russian Trepak, Boy Mouse

MAKE UP-Dancers should wear LIGHT stage makeup (blush, lip color, mascara).  The stage lights are very bright and dancers can tend to look pale under them.
False Eyelashes-The older dancers are encouraged to wear false eyelashes.  *Do not wait until the Dress Rehearsal to try this.

GARMENT BAGS-Most costumes will come home in a garment bag. Some costumes, should remain outside of the bag because they have been steamed.  Please bring this to the stage so it does not get separated from the costume.  This is how I store these costumes and keep them nice in order to reuse them.

FOOD/DRINKS-We have dancers that are EXTREMELY ALLERGIC!  For the health and well being of our dancers NOTHING WITH PEANUTS IS ALLOWED BACKSTAGE!  Dancers can bring non-messy snacks (carrots, pretzels, etc…)  
ONLY WATER IS ALLOWED BACKSTAGE!  Dancer should all have a labeled water bottle.

PICTURE/COLORING BOOKS-If you have any extra picture or coloring books that you would like to donate, the younger dancers would love these.  I will have crayons at the stage. NO MARKERS ARE ALLOWED!

BLANKETS/BASKETS-I will have blankets laid out for the younger dancers to sit on and and labeled baskets for them to store their shoes and coats.  The older dancers are welcome to bring their own blanket or sleeping bag to sit on.  The older dancers will be expected to keep their belongings in their dance bags.

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