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 Beyond the Barre-It’s Time to Go to the Stage!

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures 2019
Alice in Wonderland Rehearsals & Performances

Sunday, April 28, 2019 rehearsals move to the Wyoming High School Pendery Theater (106 Pendery Ave., Wyoming, OH 45215)

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE Please note your child's drop off (call) time.

-Sunday, 4/28/19 Mandatory Tech Rehearsal- Dancers wear their normal ballet class attire.  Dancers will be directed to a backstage dressing room, where they can put their dance bags and wait with the Backstage Volunteers until they’re called to the stage.   

-Monday, 4/29/19 Mandatory Dress Rehearsal-Dancers arrive ‘Stage Ready’ with hair ready, hair accessories on the right side of the bun unless directed otherwise, light stage makeup applied, in tights & younger dancers in costume. If dancers have gloves with their costume, bring those in the labeled bag that came with their costume. A zip up sweatshirt is best for the dancers to wear so nothing goes over the head.
*A flesh colored camisole leotard is recommended all dancers especially those in Ballet 4 and above and is required for all dancers making a costume change. Please do your child’s makeup at home and leave the makeup at home so we don’t get it on costumes/tights.

AT ARRIVAL, DANCERS IN PRE-BALLET, BALLET 1, BALLET 2,  BALLET 3, TAP 1, & JAZZ 1A  WILL RECEIVE A DROP OFF/PICK UP SLIP WHEN YOU SIGN YOUR DANCER IN.  Bring this slip with you when you pick up your child and hand it to the volunteer for your child’s group.  This will help us keep the dancers safe and speed up the check-out procedure.  TAKE A PICTURE OF THE SLIP IN CASE YOUR LOSE IT OR ANOTHER PERSON IS PICKING YOUR CHILD UP. 

Dancers in Ballet 4, 5, 6, 7 do NOT need a Pick Up Slip.  

Kate Bostick & Megan Walters, the Backstage Coordinators, will be at the door to direct you to your child’s dressing room.   Please put their phone numbers in your phone in case you need to get ahold of me or one of them once we’re at the stage.  
Kate Bostick cell # (513) 238-7822 / Megan Walters cell # 513-236-5969/ Ms. Dena’s cell # (513) 633-8542  (I will not be answering or checking my phone once rehearsals begin).

BE ON TIME! Park on the east side of the Wyoming High School.  Enter at the STAGE DOOR, which will be labeled with a Beyond the Barre sign.  If your dancer is not there on time, we will be calling you!

Each group has 1-3 parent volunteers.   Escort your child to the designated area and help him/her get ready (coat off, ballet shoes on, costume on for dress rehearsal, etc…)  Before you leave, parents of younger dancers make sure your child has used the restroom!  Then, have him/her sit down quietly and wait to be called to the stage for rehearsal.  Each child should bring a quiet activity (books, coloring pages, etc.)  You may then leave and return at your dancer's dismissal time.  

*All children must remain in their designated dressing room. Parent Volunteers are assigned to each dressing room. These Volunteers will escort the students to and from stage.  * There is no running or yelling in the theater or backstage area at any time.

LABEL EVERYTHING- ballet shoes, water bottles, sweatshirts, brush, etc..  That way if anything gets lost, we can return it to it’s owner. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

BLANKETS/BASKETS-We will have blankets laid out for the younger dancers to sit on and labeled baskets for them to store their shoes and coats.  The older dancers are welcome to bring their own blanket or sleeping bag to sit on.  The older dancers will be expected to keep their belongings in their dance bags.

SNACKS/DRINKS- For dancers that will be at the stage for over 2 hours, pack a NUT-FREE snack and labeled water bottle. ONLY WATER IS ALLOWED BACKSTAGE!  We have dancers that are extremely allergic.  Any snack containing peanuts will be thrown away. Drinks other than water will be thrown away.
DISMISSAL FROM REHEARSALS AT THE STAGE- Please note your child's pick up times on the rehearsal schedule attached.  The Parent Volunteers will bring the dancers to you at the designated area in the rear of the lobby.  
ALL DANCERS will be picked up in the rear of the WHS Pendery Theater Lobby. ENTER THE PENDERY CENTER LOBBY DOORS TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD. For the safety and privacy of the dancers, you cannot walk through the mirrored hallway at dismissal time.

Parent volunteers will bring each group out to you in the Pendery Theater Lobby.  Please be patient.  I try hard to stay on time with rehearsals, but with 180 dancers it can sometimes be tricky.  Thanks in advance for your patience.  I also try to stagger dismissal times, so there is adequate parking. HAND THE VOLUNTEER YOUR CHILD’S DROP OFF/PICK UP SLIP, so the volunteer can check your child’s name off the clipboard.

ARRIVAL AT THE STAGE FOR PERFORMANCES- Dancers arrive ‘Stage Ready’ with hair ready, light stage makeup applied, in tights & younger dancers in costume. If dancers have gloves with their costume, bring those in the labeled bag that came with their costume.  A zip up sweatshirt is best so nothing goes over the head.  *A flesh colored camisole leotard is recommended all dancers especially those in Ballet 4 and above and is required for all dancers making a costume change.  Please do your child’s makeup at home and leave the makeup at home so we don’t get it on costumes/tights.

HAIRSPRAY, HAIRSPRAY, HAIRSPRAY!!!  Female dancers’ hair needs to be secured back in a smooth bun.  NO WISPYS!  FYI-It’s easiest to pull hair back when it is damp.  USE A HAIR NET AROUND THE BUN!  Bring extra bobby pins and hair spray to the stage.  All dancers need their own brush!  All costumes have coordinating hair accessories. Please do NOT put in your own hair accessories that did not come with the costume (i.e. bun covers, ribbons, scrunchies, etc.)
For Boys: All boys’ hair must be well groomed and away from their face. You may consider applying a light amount of hairspray to keep their hair out of their face through rehearsal and shows.

TIGHTS-Ballet 5, 6, 7 girls need to wear Body Wrappers mesh seam tights A45 in Ballet Pink.  EXTRA TIGHTS=GOOD IDEA (in case of runs)

SHOES-Dancers are expected to have CLEAN ballet shoes to perform in.  All female dancers will wear pale pink ballet shoes, unless listed on the Costume Requirements Form (attached).

HANGERS/GARMENT BAGS-If your dancer is changing out of his/her costume, bring the hangers, garment and accessory bags to keep costumes hung up and organized.  Dancers can leave their costumes and accessories as long as they are labeled and hung up.

Alice Cast Friday May 3rd, 6:00 pm & Saturday May 4th, 1:00pm
Wonderland Cast Saturday May 4th, 6:00pm & Sunday May 5th, 1:00pm
(Auditorium doors will open 30 minutes before showtime.)

This is going to be a fun and tiring weekend, especially for dancers in both casts.  Make sure your child has plenty of food and water throughout this fun-filled weekend.

DISMISSAL FROM PERFORMANCES- After the performance, each group will be lead back to the dressing area to gather their things. We will have costume racks for dancers with multiple roles to leave their costumes.  Make sure they have their labeled hanger bags!


The Parent Volunteers will take each group to a designated meeting place to meet their families.  Please note the location and wait there for your child.
After each performance, the dancers will be led to their dressing rooms to gather their things and then dismissed as a group.  Ballet 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 dancers will be dismissed at the rear of the lobby by groups.  THERE WILL BE 3 LINES WITH SIGNS.  ONE FAMILY REPRESENTATIVE WILL LINE UP IN THE APPROPRIATE LINE WITH YOUR DROP OFF/PICK UP SLIP READY.  

*The youngest dancers (Butterflies, Piglets & Flamingos) will be dismissed INSIDE THE AUDITORIUM.  So hang tight inside the auditorium for 10 minutes and I will dismiss each group individually on the stage.  Once your child’s role is called, please come up to the LEFT SIDE OF THE STAGE.  1 family representative can walk up the steps with the Drop off/Pick Up slip to get the dancers.
If you have other questions, please let me know.