Beyond the Barre 2017-2018 Class Information

Dress Code:
GIRLS: Any color of leotard, light pink tights, pink leather/canvas ballet shoes, above the knee skirts up to the teacher’s discretion.  HAIR-pulled back away from the face, preferably into a bun.

BOYS:  White t-shirt, black pants, black or white leather/canvas ballet shoes

Arrival and Dismissal: Please escort your child into the dance studio.  Dancers will be promptly dismissed directly to you at the studio door.   *Please make sure that you take the younger dancers to bathroom directly before class.  This minimizes class disruptions.

Water Bottle: Each child needs to bring a labeled water bottle to class.

Liability Waiver: Please sign a liability waiver and enclose this with your registration form. 

Observation Classes: Friends and family are invited to observe your child's class during the fall and spring semesters.  See the ballet calendar for these observation class dates.

Performances & Rehearsals: Performing on stage is an important aspect of classical ballet.  This experience allows each dancer to feel proud of the progress she/he is making and helps to promote self-confidence.  Every dancer will perform in a Winter Ballet Performance and a Spring Ballet Performance (theme to be announced in December).  No auditions are necessary.  In order to produce a high quality performance, I will collect a performance fee for both productions.  Both ballet performances will be performed at the Wyoming High School Pendery Center located at 106 Pendery Ave, Wyoming, OH 45215.  We will have three mandatory rehearsals before each performance. 

Please see the ballet calendar and make note of these important dates.  It is imperative that each child attends these rehearsals in order to perform in each ballet.

We are honored to be your child's dance teachers. We want to build their strength and dance technique at the barre, but also inspire them beyond the barre.  We want to build their self-confidence, their poise and presence in front of an audience, and help them love to dance as much as we do.  Please feel free to call Ms. Dena at 513-633-8542 with any questions or concerns.  You can also reach Ms. Dena by email at                       

Dena Morley, Beyond the Barre Owner and Instructor 513.633.8542 [*] Beyond the Barre-Ballet with Ms. Dena
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